Every Step Takes You Somewhere

Every step takes you somewhere.
If you get to where you’re going will you be where you want to be.
If you want you life to change you have to be willing to change.
Every journey begins with a single step.

These are some common phrases that have a simple truth to them.  Whether you are aware of it or not, your life is moving every day.  My brother used to say, “life is like a bus ride, you think you are just sitting there on the bus but if you look out the window the scenery is changing all the time.”  Sometimes we need simple truths to wake us up to the fact that we are invited to participate in life.

There are time when life feel stuck or overwhelming yet every day one puts their feet on the ground and makes choices on where the journey is going to go regardless of circumstances.  This is the gift of developing an awareness that we have an inner life (call it soul, spirit, energy, God, etc).   Where the journey takes one with an inner life is not set by circumstances.  In fact the categories even change.  Instead of, ‘I want to be rich or travel or have 17 children’, the quest becomes, ‘I want to be more loving, gracious, courageous, peaceful, giving’ etc.  Wealth, travel and children may also happen but they are not the intention of our steps.

I bring this up because we have an amazing opportunity coming up for those who feel stuck when it comes to deep joy in their lives.  Is this a prayer you have uttered?  “God, help me be a more joy filled person?”  John Chuchman is going to present a way to take that next step or look out the window at joy.  I highly recommend this special time because being in his presence is the ultimate example of what joy means.  Whether you have had a time of grief, upset, hurt or pain John will introduce some steps that honor your circumstances and at the same time show you the inner life questions that will help you live from a center of Divine Joy.

May you be aware of your steps today.
May you notice that deep within there is a God whisper of guidance.  
May you always know Pathways of Grace is here to help provide fellow journeyers as you learn your own unique steps.

Amanda PetersenComment