We Interrupt This Life for...LIFE

I have to admit, with the arrival of my daughter and granddaughter in my home,  finding quiet space to work on this blog has been interesting. The challenge has not been anything they are doing, but my own attention span when it comes to interruptions. I have come to see my 16-month old granddaughter as a beautiful butterfly that is constantly flittering around and wonderful to chase. The interruptions they create have become beautiful moments that have expanded my day. I find this at the center too. I can have a day planned and yet have no idea who is going to walk through that door to pull me from my assigned task. Yesterday I met an amazing man from Nigeria who saw the sign on the door and felt God was leading him in.

With so many interruptions in my “prescribed” agenda, I have decided to make interruptions a spiritual practice. Here is what I have noticed so far: Interruptions are wonderful invitations to show up to the moment, release my agenda, and trust God more. Guess what? As I have practiced embracing interruptions, they are no longer interruptions. They become just life. In the midst of this practice I came across this quote:

“I’ve come to believe that one aspect of maturity is the ability to see life’s interruptions but as necessary events and journey.  Interruptions are life.  The unexpected is simply the life you have but don’t yet know about.”  Vinita Hampton Wright, Days of Deepening Friendship.

Now for those of you going, “That’s nice for you, Amanda, but I have deadlines and responsibilities to attend to. People are counting on me. I don’t have time for interruptions”, I want to let you know this isn’t about responsibility (those of you reading this are very responsible people) but a different understanding of reality. If something is important (like writing to all of you), we can make space to limit potential interruptions (it’s 4 am as I write this). But the reality is that life is full of interruptions, and one can be upset by that, or learn to dance with the Divine in the midst of them. Learning to dance with interruptions allows one to dance with life.  Because in reality, no one knows what the next moment will bring and how one’s life could be interrupted by a broken car, a diagnosis, the loss of a job, a new relationship, winning the lottery, or some other major interruption.  How one spiritually practices with the little interruptions will inform how one handles life’s larger ones.

I can’t think of a better way to practice than being open to chasing a 16-month old butterfly named Alice or having a beautiful conversation with someone who crosses my path.

May you be beautifully interrupted today!