July “Scent” of the Month: Lemon – Citrus limon

by Michelle Jereb

I cannot think of a better essential oil to highlight for the month of July than lemon. Lemon can best be thought of as the “sunshine” essential oil. Like the sun that gives its light to all without partiality, lemon brings to those who use it a“scent” of objectivity.  

When we are emotionally and spiritually objective we are open-minded, impartial, and fair-minded. With the events this July, lemon would be a wonderful scent to use, as we are present with all that is happening in our country. Lemon essential oil blends well with and brings out the best in ALL of the other essential oils. Isn’t that what we need right now – the ability to blend well with others, as well as bring out their best?

Lemon essential oil is especially strong in the following therapeutic actions:
antiseptic (destroys or prevents the growth of microbes)
astringent (causes cells to shrink; contracts, tightens and binds tissues)
detoxifier (enhances the removal of toxic substances from the body)
digestive (aids digestion)
diuretic (increases the flow of urine)
immune enhancer (enhances immunity, either by stimulating the immune system or by destroying microbes)
stomachic (digestive aid; improves appetite)

As you can see lemon essential oil is a wonderful healing and supportive oil for our physical bodies. Let’s see how thesesame therapeutic actions can heal and support our emotional and spiritual “objectivity”.
Lemon’s antiseptic property helps to destroy the “viruses” in our souls that make us sick and unable to engage in the bigger picture of life. The astringent action helps us to “bind” together – and see that we are “one”. As a detoxifier it helps us to rid the “toxic” patterns of thought that keep us from being open to other ways of thinking and being. Lemon helps us to digest new ideas and increases our appetite for good things. It increases the flow (diuretic) in our lives. And lastly, by using it often lemon helps to enhance our soul’s objectivity by increasing its immunity against prejudice, hate and separateness.

Safety: Lemon is a phototoxic --- do not go out in the sun or use a tanning bed for 24 hours after application to the skin; it can be a possible skin irritant.
Essential Oil Use for this Month:
Lemon Spray:
1 oz. spray bottle
Distilled water
10-20 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Mix together. Use the spray to fill your space with the scent of objectivity.

You could also blend with lemon: (total of 20 drops all together)
Lavender – for healing on all levels
Eucalyptus – clears the mind and cools the emotions