Walking In Misty Blue

One of the most amazing gifts of walking early in the morning at this time of year is the gift of what I call the “misty blue time”.  I leave in the dark, and just before the sun comes over the horizon, there are a few minutes where everything turns a misty blue.  Everything looks different during this in-between time.  I know the neighborhood when it is dark, and of course I am familiar with it when it is daylight.  Both have their own unique looks and I notice different things at both times.  During this misty blue time my brain does not know what to jump to.  Everything looks surreal and different.  It is as though I am in a different world altogether and I get to enjoy my neighborhood in a whole new way.

In the contemplative walk, this misty blue time could be seen as liminal space.  That space that says one time is over yet the next season has not quite arrived.  Liminal space is a whole new world of noticing, practicing, and waiting for the sun to rise on the new season of life.  I often witness the discomfort of this liminal space.  It is easy to want to skip this space by taking what was known in the past and overlaying it on to the future and calling it good.  The challenge in doing that is it limits the possibilities of the future with old patterns.  The truth is the space yet to come has not been lived yet and the signposts are all new.  With just our past knowledge, it is difficult to navigate.  Yet, if one allows the liminal space to teach them, one can begin to learn how to live into the new place and releasing what no longer works. By remaining in misty blue, and allowing the knowledge of the past and anticipation of the future to guide one’s way, one is open to visions of life and God in a whole new way.

This August is a misty blue place for Pathways of Grace.  We have more people using the space.  New facilitators will be providing opportunities to experience growth. The website is getting a facelift and Mind Body is our new home base for scheduling and signing up for classes.   At the same time we will be celebrating the past and your support in it, while providing the same safe place to experience your own liminal spaces.  I have no idea how all of this will look, yet I am excited to see what I notice and live into the experience of what the next sunrise for Pathways of Grace will look like.  Won’t you join me on this great adventure??

Amanda PetersenComment