Is Your Spiritual Growth Lacking Excitement?

My recent vacation was to a place and experience that I had never had before. Before I left, people would ask me if I was excited about the trip and I would say yes because I was. Yet it wasn’t until I was on the plane that I realized I was not “excited” in the way I would normally be. I was curious, a bit apprehensive, and delighted at the possibilities, but not excited for the actual events. Then I realized I can’t get excited about something I know nothing about. If I were heading to a place I had been to before and enjoyed, I would be excited about the experience because I knew the experience. There would be something to be excited about. Now, if I ever repeat this vacation experience, I will definitely be excited and have some specific things to be excited about. Also this experience has opened me up to the possibility of other new experiences.

This was one of those lived experiences of what I know in my spiritual life. When I choose to take a leap of faith and make a change to grow closer to God, I trust it, yet it is hard to get excited about something I have no experience of. When I meet with people this is often a challenge. Here one is willing to change something very significant in their lives and yet the motivation is not excitement. Being excited would make the change so much easier. Where does the motivation come from if not from the carrot of excitement of knowing how it is going to turn out? For myself, it is trust in the God that I am desiring to grow closer to, along with past experiences of life-changing growth. Relying on trust makes me much more of an active participant in my own spiritual life. I am choosing this, not just being led along this path. It is a combination of both. Then on the other side of this transformation something about it feels cellular. It happened in me, not to me.

If you are being invited to a change, or are in the midst of a change, take to heart that the path is filled with unknowns. You may not even be that thrilled with it, yet there is a sense of wonder and knowing this is the path of Love. Surround yourself with memories of spiritual trips of the past and others who have journeyed similar places. You are always welcome to meet with one of the gifted spiritual directors at Pathways of Grace.

May you find peace, hope, and love in your travels.

Amanda PetersenComment