A Space For Deep Listening

We had a great time at the 10th Anniversary Celebration! There are pictures available at the end of this blog.  As we enter into this new decade, I am seeing something new being born in our space. The new community of practitioners and their gifts are adding to the space is a wonderful and life giving way. As I am witnessing this I am sensing the Spirit blowing in a new a refreshing way.
What we are noticing are words like peaceful, restful, welcoming, and safe as people come into the space. The space is transforming from a spiritual life center to more of a place of quiet where one can listen deeply to their life.
As we move into this new decade of Pathways of Grace, we will be building on this new Spirit. One of the first ways will be the way we are described. We will now be Pathways of Grace: A Space for Deep Listening.
This is the way we are describing that:
In a world where communication happens in an instant, Pathways of Grace provides the space for individuals to pause and listen to their inner voice, others, and God/Divine/Universe. Our mission is to create a culture where each person can set aside the things of the world in order to re-center so they may be engaged again from a deeper space.
We do this through providing:
Spiritual direction, coaching, supervision for spiritual directors and pastors and other specialties that bring you to a place of deep listening and growth, such as Reiki, Yoga, Aroma Therapy, Feng Shui and Tai Chi.
Workshop and Experiential Courses.
The Art of Deep Listening spiritual direction training and Supervision Training for Spiritual Directors.
Community Gatherings, Meditation, and Quiet Days.
Deep Listening is the experience that happens when one is truly present to their inner voice with grace. In a Deep Listening space, one is invited in as a welcome guest exactly as they are.
At Pathways of Grace, our space creates room in a very crowded, noisy, and busy world that allows one to come home to what is truly important and meaningful to each individual. The gift of that homecoming is the ability to re-enter the world connected to oneself and others from a place of knowing the still, small, and powerful voice of Love.
To help you feel at home, our groups are small and personal.
You will find our space, quiet, safe, transformative, connected, playful, restful, rejuvenating, and ready for you.
I look forward to seeing what God/Divine creates as we continue to listening deeply.

Amanda PetersenComment