This I Believe

"What you believe about yourself ultimately determines how your life must unfold. Your Self-belief governs what you think you deserve and what you don't, what is possible and what isn't, what you attract and what you love, and what you are open to and what you miss.  What you believe will be how you live." Shift Happens, Robert Holden, PhD

Beliefs are very powerful things and yet there is a tendency to leave them unchecked.  Beliefs can change.  Once upon a time there may have been a belief that an old chubby man in a red suit traveled the world in one night bringing gifts to everyone and entering homes from the roof.  Now at a different time in life, that belief may not be true.  

Yet, how many other beliefs may have changed and what new ones have been missed?  Taking time to pause and look at what beliefs are driving us is an important spiritual practice.
During this very holy month for so many traditions we are going to highlight beliefs at Pathways of Grace. Instead of a featured artist we are letting you create the space by sharing your beliefs.  We will have a giant sheet of paper where you may write your beliefs and share them with others.  Taking the time in a sacred way to finish the sentence "This I believe.." in the presence of others is very powerful, inspiring and profound.  Come to the FREE workshop on beliefs and add your voice to the mix.  Or feel free when you stop by for a class or spiritual direction to add your beliefs to our wall.  Or better yet doodle them!  (unfamiliar with doodles?? check out the doodle workshop also on the 13th).

Here is a wonder video on beliefs and the power of sharing.
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