Pondering Spiritual Gunk and Staying in the Flow

by Amanda Petersen

I have witnessed many people with the “gunk” this week. With a toddler in daycare we seem to live in the gunk.  Since I have had so much time to witness and contemplate gunk, here is my noticing (and this is not from a trained medical perspective but from a grandmother watching endless amounts of sticky gunk flow from my granddaughter). Viral infections are sticky.

ne can take pills, use a neti pot, pull out the echinacea, rest, etc. all to loosen up the gunk, yet it doesn’t change the nature of its stickiness. The virus wants to live, so it does whatever it takes to stay put. The way to move through it is to create an environment that doesn’t allow it to get sticky; create a bodily environment of flow. Even with the best effort, sometimes things just get gunky anyway.

While snuggling a gunk-filled child, I pondered spiritual gunk. At the time, I was watching the gathering of people around the country on the TV. The world has a lot of sticky gunk out there just waiting to find a place to stick. The moment one seessomeone as “the other”, the gunk has an in. The energy of all the emotions, fears, hopes, and unknowns are making it hard not to invite the gunk in. How does one stay in the flow in such a charged environment? Here are my suggestions.

Be surrounded with people, words and images that keep the flow going.  Lately Dr King’s words have been sitting with me. “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people.”  These words call me to a place where there is flow, reading words and gathering with people that allow me to stay in a place of forgiveness, repentance, voice, movement, and love.

Be willing to get quiet and reflect honestly about life. I am grateful for people like Michelle Jereb who brings me wonderful essential oils to open me up for those reflective times. She has a class this Friday that will set up lots of flow in one’s life.

Be willing to change to keep the flow going. Yesterday, Nikki Golly actually got me to eat a grapefruit and like it! Just being willing to change my mind and be curious keeps the gunk from sticking. Nikki has an amazing workshop next week - I highly recommend it!

could go on, but would love to hear how you stay in the flow. I think Pathways of Grace is not only a place for Deep Listening, it’s also a place that allows one to find ways to stay in the flow. There seems to be an epidemic of the gunk going around right now; may you find ways to not let it stick and to stay in the flow. If, for some reason, the gunk does land on you, may you take the time to notice and adjust your life for more flow. Wherever you are in the journey, covered in gunk or completely in the flow, know that Love never changes and you are welcome just the way you are.

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