Chasing Fire Trucks

In case you haven't noticed Pathways of Grace has been making some changes.  When I took the leap of faith and started Pathways of Grace in my living room I had hopes to see it evolve into a center where there were others willing to gather and share their passion to create a safe space where all are welcome to listen deeply to One's life, soul, God/Divine and each other.

Well, it is happening.  I can remember a phrase "She's like the dog that loves to chase cars yet doesn't know what to do once she caught it".  I feel like that only I feel I have caught a fire truck or huge ship.  Wow was it a journey to finally catch this thing!  Now what??

Has that ever happened to you? You want a change or have a dream and spend years showing up to it and then all of a sudden it is here?  There is this tug of war of I am so happy and I am so overwhelmed at the same time.  This is my life and yet this isn't my life.   This type of transition is a pause time.  A time to notice that pause between breaths.  The old has just been released and the new has not yet fully come rushing in.   It is a time to reevaluate mind, body and spirit.  This is why looking at One's values on a regular basis is so important.  During times of great growth and expansion, which can seem disorienting at first, the practice of values helps to keep the awareness on God and the bigger picture.  In a sense helping to keep the focus a Divine vision rather than a circumstantial vision.

This is also a great time to reevaluate and to adapt to the new expansion.  Time to let go of what served well in the past but may not serve well as we move forward.  This is not an exact science–more like a spiritual practice.  After all, if one has never caught a fire truck before it's going to take a while to get used to it and figure out how all the parts work.  Pathways of Grace is in the midst of that and as the months continue you will probably see evidence of trying this and that.  

Over the last two years we have moved, more practitioners have joined the space, MindBody was introduced, a new logo came into being, and new experiences like Deep Listening have been launched.  Today, I would like to introduce Pathways of Grace's new website.  Check it out and see all the features this brings to help make your journey of chasing fire trucks easier.

One thing I also know is that all of you have also not been standing still!  With that in mind I want to make sure Pathways of Grace is providing the space that will be the most helpful in your journeys.  We have a survey to get to know you where you are right now.  I invite you to take the time to fill it out so you are part of creating a space that welcomes you (leave your name and email and you will receive 20% off any workshop offer).

All of you are the heart and soul of Pathways of Grace and my heart for you was the reason I took the leap of faith in the beginning.  Even though many of you I had never even met yet, God whispered in my ear, "If you run this race I have some amazing people I will introduce you to along the way."  I am blest on the journey because of each of you.  Feel free to share your "fire truck" experiences.