Are You Looking for a Balanced Life?

How do you balance all you do?  That is a common question.  I meet people every week that are on the quest for a more balanced life.  Especially at this time of year when for many there is so much more to balance.  When I am asked about how I find balance, my answer is, “I don’t.”

I gave up balance a while back.  What I found in my own life was balance was more about control and a made-up world of idealized peace no matter what the circumstances.  That’s what I was really after.  I was chasing a mythical creature in a make-believe world where there was time for everything and everyone.  I don’t know about you, but that world hasn’t materialized for me when life is expanding and there is more to engage around me.

When I looked at the word balance from a contemplative approach, what I found was a different question.  Rather than “how do I find balance,” the question was “how am I living my values?” Are those things that are of core importance showing up in my life?  If I value a relationship with God, am I spending time in that relationship?  If I value restful spirit, am I resting?  If I value friends and family are they a part of my life?  If I value my work am I showing up?  How does my life reflect my values?  If not, have my values changed?  Sometimes life is full of more quiet time than active time and that is fine when I am in that season living my values.  Sometimes my life is crazy busy, yet if I am conscious of my values, it doesn’t have to drive me into the ground.

Taking time to touch base with my values, deepen them, question them and share them with others is a must in my life.  If you are wondering where to begin with your values, I, or any of the practitioners at Pathways of Grace would be honored to help you get in touch with them.  All of the workshops in the next two months will help in finding those values that help guide.

Another way of finding one’s values is to hear another person’s values.  Share some of your values and inspire someone one else this week.