Are You Full? or Abundant?

My post-Thanksgiving question this year is “Are you full or abundant?” Please bear with me as this is still a percolating thought. I think there is a difference. I use the term “Full” instead of “Busy” when describing a day. When there is more on my list that can be done in a day and I’m asked how my day was, I say “Full.” “Full” means more than enough, and often more than I can do or digest in a certain time period. This brings me to Thanksgiving when I slowly pull back from the table and groan “Oh I’m soooo full.” There was more on my plate than could be eaten.

This is when the contemplative questioning came in. I wondered, why not say the word “Abundant?” I noticed the feeling of a difference between full and abundant. Though the two could overlap. An abundant life can be full. Yet are there times where a full life is not about abundance? There are times when my life is abundant and not full.

Abundance for my purposes here is defined with the realization of connection to Love/God/Source and I am swimming in a Love and Reality I can never fully take in. This is where I am beginning to see the difference.  I rest in abundance. It’s a reality. Abundance is tied to Love, fullness is tied to circumstances. Fullness has a limit. I can only handle so much with fullness. Abundance is not about limits. Abundance is a resting in a Truth, a Love that has no limits and I don’t have to digest it, I get to be a part of it.

As I am unpacking this and thinking of the fullness of the Holiday season and soon for many entering into Advent, how can I be conscious of abundance? There is more Love in this life than I could ever comprehend. When I approach life from an awareness of abundance, life isn’t full in an overstuffed, overwhelming way. It’s as though I no longer need to take on more than I can digest or do, and when life is full from an abundance awareness it has this connection to love and not stress.

What are your thoughts? Are you looking for ways to dwell in abundance this Holiday Season? I highly recommend the workshops, Personal Mission Statement, Holiday Time Out, Building Trust in Relationships or Vision Board 2017. Also check out our wonderful spiritual directors and coaches. I know they help to keep my awareness of abundance in front of me.

Thanks for sharing in my percolating! May this week be filled with abundance, whether your plate is full or not.

-Amanda Petersen