What it Takes to be a Trailblazer

Do you think of yourself as a trailblazer?  What would happen if you did? There are two components to trailblazing,

1.     Going into new uncharted territory

2.     A willingness to leave a trail for others.

Why bring this up during this advent season? Because advent is all about trailblazing. Anytime one chooses to bring light into dark places they are creating a trail. If there are challenging relationships, being willing to bring Light instead of the same old story is being a trailblazer.  Choosing to connect when the pattern is to isolate is blazing a trail of Love. Being willing to follow one’s one path even if it is different than others' will give permission to others to do the same. Choosing boundaries in an atmosphere that doesn’t respect them is giving strength to others.

Being a trailblazer can be risky and dangerous and it’s easy to get lost unless one remembers it is about the Light not the destination or the outcome. The gift of Light in darkness is that one can only focus on choosing to take the next step; create part of the path. Sometimes it is easy, other times it can be messy. It involves grace, mercy, forgiveness, inner joy and Love. 

If you are being called to be a trailblazer then spending time in Light’s presence is crucial.  Bathing in Love each day is now a part of life. Also, having some good tools in one’s backpack helps. Pathways of Grace by its name is a place for trailblazers to deepen their experience of the Light so they may go and create trails of Love all around.

If you are looking to become a trailblazer or are a trailblazer and finding the road a bit rough please take the time to look over the upcoming offerings. One I want to highlight is Deep Listening to the Story of Life. This is for those who are ready to create a trail of connection and Love in a world that is full of division. The early bird deadline ends soon.

May you take time to quiet your mind, spirit and body this week to reflect on the way before you.  Here is this week’s drawing to color.

-Amanda Petersen