Love and Politics

by Amanda Petersen

Love has many different definitions and ways of looking at it.  As I look at some of these definitions of love one consistent appears.  Love is about expanding.  Expanding compassion, expanding perspective, expanding One's heart, expanding circumstances, expanding vulnerability, expanding risk, expanding complication etc etc.  In order to love there is some invitation to expand.

It is taking a world possibly built on safety, security and knowing and being thrown into the unpredictable, vulnerable and stretching space.  This is the case whether one loves themselves, a puppy, partner, God or total stranger.  And this may be the challenge of why so many would rather not love.  Love is messy and it takes the person into uncharted territory.  How can one do something they don't even understand or know about?

The conversation of love comes up a lot at Pathways of Grace.  The most consistent way it is brought up is in regards to the current political climate.  Some wonderful hard questions are coming up.  "How do I stand up for what I feel is important and right without making those who disagree 'the Other'?"  In other words "How do I love?"  It also comes out in others ways.  "How do I stay with my faith community and stay consistent with where I believe God is taking me?"  "How do I take care of myself when it will disappoint those around me?"  "How do I get started with a relationship with the Divine?"  All of those questions hold a piece of "How do I Love?"

As a spiritual director, I have no answer for the questions other than keep showing up and lets listen to your inner wisdom together.  The energy of love I have observed isn't in the answers but in the willingness to expand into the unknown of Love.  Somewhere in the willingness to show up to love, God's love mixes in and does something amazing and beyond whatever the individual could dream up.  The Universe's love mixes with the desire to love and something beautiful comes out. Love may not be about answers but the willingness to explore.

Right now I am seeing the need to come together and wrestle with the messiness of love.  To be open and allow the something bigger of God to mix in and open our hearts to expand in ways we never imagined.  A place of unpredictability, vulnerability, stretching and Divine Love.  If you are looking for ways to expand in love this week try coming to Dinner and Conversation on Friday or Quiet Places with Sandy Kenger on Sunday.  If you are looking to have a place for someone to hold space as you show up to Love we have amazing spiritual directors and other practitioners.  Pathways of Grace is committed to providing a safe place to practice and explore what it means to be a loving presence in the world.

This week look at your own "Love" life.  Spend Valentine's Day showing appreciation for those who gave you the space to learn to love and expand.  Take the time to connect with the Source of All Love with a heart of gratitude that the expansion of Love is endless.

Please share your thoughts one how you love.