The Walkway has ended….

by Rhonda Vroman

The Walkway has ended….

…please watch your step!
As we continue the spiritual journey, we find times when the walkway is moving without interruption and the path is clear.  It is when that walkway stops, sometimes abruptly, that we may face unease, unexpected new ways of seeing, and new growth.

During a recent airport experience, the repetitive warning ‘the walkway has ended, please watch your step’ was heard in a new way.  Yes, it means the obvious - the physical moving track is stopping and we are asked to be attentive.  Might it also mean that when there is uncertainty, it is time to be more aware, to be more attentive to where we place thoughts and trust? The phrase has continued to stay with me throughout the week, calling me to deeper awareness of the importance of honoring the guidance of others, and also being attentive to this unique spiritual journey that is reserved for each of us, and with that the invitation to be aware and discerning.

How do you respond when the walkway stops moving?  Do you stop, pause, and wait?  Do you notice? Do you plunge into the next offering, whatever shows up?

Regardless of an abrupt or gradual ending, breath is always a good choice. One of my new favorite breathing practices is 5-5/10-10 breath. Here’s how to practice:
Begin with a few rounds of breath in and out, through the nose if possible. Then inhale to the count of 5, hold for a 5 count, and exhale to the count of 10.  Repeat 5 times.  Next inhale to the count of 5, exhale to the count of 10, pause for another 10 count and begin then inhale again.  Repeat 5 times.  Pause. Notice subtle shifts. Give yourself permission to adjust the count number up or down so you feel full, challenged and at ease.  This intentional breathing sequence balances the autonomic nervous system by inviting the body to release and pause.  Trust then that the next step will be made from a place of balance, awareness, and openness.

As we deepen our spiritual journey, there are times when we find the walkway is in need of new energy and perspective as the old no longer feeds us. This too is a time for discernment and decision.  If you are looking for a some new tools to support and explore your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, consider joining me for a six-experience series as we explore lifelong spiritual practices, applicable to all religions, from a yogic tradition evenings starting March 27th.   It may be just what your walkway is seeking!

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