It's Time To Reach Out!

I am getting ready to teach some classes at the Hesychia School for Spiritual Direction. I always feel so honored to be a part of that program and also enjoy my time with all the people there.  One of the classes I teach is called “Spiritual Direction with the Spiritual but not Religious.”  Or as Michelle Jereb would say, “Spiritual Direction with the Spiritually Independent.”

Do you feel like you fall into this camp? Not quite finding a tribe to belong to, yet at the same time you may have many communities you are a part of.  Always fitting in yet not always fitting in.  Feeling alone when you have an exciting, new or maybe troubling thought and wanting to share it with someone, yet not really having a place to safely explore. The continuing sense that no one gets you. Functioning in life and yet there is a sense of isolation?

This is what Pathways of Grace is all about.  I too have felt that way for decades!  That has been the fuel of my passion to keep going with this dream of a place where souls that feel isolated can come together even for a moment and know they are not alone.  Not necessarily to come to consensus on the issues but connecting on this soul journey.  This is why we offer professional listeners that you can sit with and share where you are at without judgment to allow you to put your soul in a place that makes sense to you.  This is why we offer a variety of groups and experiences to allow you to gather with other lone wanderers for a bit and feel you are not alone as you enter back into your life.

As you can imagine it’s hard to find these quiet souls because, well, they are quiet and afraid.  These are souls that may have been squashed in the past for not fitting in or for thinking outside the box.  They are not going to come out of hiding easily.  Yet as they know when they do life opens up in amazing ways.

As contemplatives, one sits in the reality of fitting and not fitting.  Living in this tension allows one to keep moving forward keep looking keep trusting the Source of of All Life rather than one’s own solutions.  And in a strange way it does call to keep looking and listening for the language of others who on this solitary yet not journey through books, conversations and learning to risk at times.  The pull of Love becomes more than the pull to belong.  Then the belonging moves to a much deeper place

I would like to ask for you help in reaching out to others who may find themselves not fitting in a particular box, who may say they are Spiritually Independent, agnostic, or even a free thinker.  Let them know you are a safe listener and also invite them to check out Pathways of Grace.  Selina’s vision board is a wonderful place to start or if you know of anyone grieving – politics, a person, a circumstance- and looking for a safe place to process that I highly recommend Gina’s grief series.  Take a moment when you feel the pull to process the deep things that are happening in your soul and look at the “our community “ tab.  These are amazing listeners!

More than anything this week practice reaching out to another and also finding a way to let other quiet souls reach out to you.