Doorways, Doorways.

by Amanda Petersen

This week I feel like the mayor from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Here's a clip:

There are several events that have me experiencing good moods, bad moods, a sense of abundance and a sense of lack. Back and forth my head spins all day.

In the past I would be trying to control the head spin and be very self critical when the the more troubled side of myself would pop up.  This week I practiced contemplatively noticing the head spinning and I am a bit dizzy from the process. The reality is everyone has many emotions through out the day. One can become focused on just one or two and not notice the 30 other emotions that happened in the day. Think about it at the end of the day the questions is "How was your day?" and the answer is often, "Good" or "Bad" or some other one-word descriptor.  

Yet the reality is the day was a variation of so many emotions, thoughts and understandings. Our brains like life simple so only a few pop up so we can function. For a contemplative lifestyle of noticing, resisting the temptation to lump a day down to one word is a spiritual practice. Often it takes weeks like mine with a lot of transition to notice one's head spinning. The reality is it is spinning all day and that is fine. Once I realize that about myself I can be grace-filled to the person who is short with me or truly delight in the person who intentionally stops the spinning long enough to really see me.

This week pay attention to all the emotions in your life. At the end of the day after you have noticed how would you describe your day? How does noticing your own varied emotions affect how you view others or does it?

If you would like to continue this practice, join me with the 40 Days of Noticing beginning March First.