February “Scent” of the Month: Ylang ylang – Cananga odorata

February “Scent” of the Month
Ylang ylang – Cananga odorata
by Michelle Jereb

February is the month of LOVE.  We celebrate Valentine’s Day and bring our attention to the health of the physical heart.  Ylang ylang is the perfect essential oil to bring a little love to both your emotional and physical hearts.  

Ylang ylang is a tropical aromatic tree that was originally grown in the Philippines, but is now found throughout Asia.  The name Ylang ylang has been interpreted as “flowers of flowers”.  The essential oil is distilled from these very fragrant flowers.  Its aroma is warm, exotic, sensual, sweet and can be a bit heavy.

Therapeutically Ylang ylang is best known for being an antidepressant (helps to relieve depression), an aphrodisiac (increases sexual stimulation and excitement) and a nervine (relaxes the nervous system).  It also is an antiseptic, antispasmodic and is hypotensive (helps to lower blood pressure).  

Ylang ylang:

  • is calming
  • improves self-esteem and self confidence
  • encourages states of euphoria
  • relaxes the mind by reducing internal chatter
  • brings in a state of “love”  -- both being loved & giving love

Ylang ylang like love is a strong force.  Love added (even in small doses) to any situation makes a significant difference.  Ylang ylang is just like a love.  One drop added to any essential oil blend, goes a long way.  When blending with Ylang ylang less is more.  You don’t need much to be blessed by its lovely attributes.  

Essential Oil Use for this Month:

Take the “ Love/Ylang ylang” challenge.  I invite you to add just “one” drop of love to your life and one drop of Ylang ylang to any essential oil blend and see what happens.  I guarantee that Ylang ylang will cause your heart and mind to relax and with that relaxation, love will be free to come to you.  May your mind, body and spirit be filled with love (and Ylang ylang) this month.

SAFETY:  Ylang ylang is generally considered safe, but remember ALL essential oils are to be used with caution.  NEVER apply any essential oil to your skin directly.  ALWAYS use a carrier medium.  CAUTIONS:  Ylang ylang may cause headaches and/or nausea in those sensitive to its aroma.  In this case, avoid usage or use in low dilution.  If you have low blood pressure, avoid using Ylang ylang.  Lavender would be a better choice.