March "Scent" of the Month: Tea tree – Melaleuca alternifolia

by Michelle Jereb

Ahhhhhhh…. Spring is HERE!  You know what that means ----- it is time to de-clutter!   Time to clean out all of the STUFF you have accumulated – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  TEA TREE essential oil can be your trusted ally for getting the de-junking job done.

THERAPEUTICALLY Tea tree is a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, expectorant and immune-stimulant.  Tea tree is a wonderful oil to use in a diffuser to clean the air of germs ---remember it is STILL flu/cold season.  CLEAN OUT THE AIR AROUND YOU.  And as you clean out the air --- remember to clean out your closettoo– all of that extra stuff makes the air around you “stuffy” – hard to breath.  Getting rid of your no-longer needed items creates space and increases your physical energy.

MENTALLY Tea tree promotes self confidence and personal integrity.  It strengthens the will and supports the ability to change.  Tea tree can help to clear out the mental junk you have hung onto.  It brings a breath of fresh air into your stagnant thinking.  CLEAN OUT YOUR STINKING THINKING – you know, the stuff stuck in the attic of your mind!

EMOTIONALLY  Tea tree opens your heart to embrace and accept your feelings and to clear out any toxic feelings.  Think of it as an emotional cleanser.  Use Tea tree to free you of internal poisons.  CLEAN OUT THE EMOTIONS THAT KEEP YOU STUCK IN UNHEALTHY PATTERNS OF RELATING TO THIS LIFE.

SPIRITUALLY Tea tree’s crisp aroma brings “mindfulness” to your daily life.  It enhances the spiritual practice of self-observation.  Allow the aroma of tea tree to guide you into graceful observation of your life.  It can help you to discern what needs to go.   CLEAN OUT OLD IDEAS OF SPIRITUALLY MAKING ROOM FOR THE NEW.

I hope you will use this time of year to clear out all of the things that no longer serve you – mind, body and spirit.  May you use Tea tree essential oil to support you and guide you in this process.


Cold Water Diffuser – add 8 drops of Tea tree to your diffuser.  Diffuse for “20” minutes at a time.  Leave the diffuser off for 60-80 minutes before diffusing again.  This helps to avoid adverse reactions to the oil by not oversaturating the air with the essential oil.

Cotton Ball Inhalation- place a drop of Tea Tree oil on a cotton ball and inhale several times before you do a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual inventory.  The oil will support you as you do the brave work of de-cluttering.

Tea tree is non-sensitizing and non-irritating.  Remember ALL essential oils are to be used with caution.  NEVER take essential oils orally or apply any essential oil to your skin directly.  ALWAYS use a carrier medium.