You Are Wrong

by Amanda Petersen

I have been noticing a lot of pain recently around being right. Contemplating this I am reminded of an idea that I was introduced to a while back - I am wrong...a lot. I thought the moon was made of cheese when I was 3. I was wrong. I thought the Berlin Wall would be up forever. I was wrong. I believed I was to be a professor of Old Testament studies. I was wrong. And there are some things I believe to my core today that I will look back on and say, yep I was wrong. Something amazing happens when I allow myself to be wrong. My life loosens up. I have to lean into God more. I'm willing to risk because the goal is no longer about getting it right. Instead it's about being willing to be open to the next thing. Being wrong is no longer a failure, it is an opportunity.

Letting go of certainty is uncomfortable, scary and painful. Being wrong is also very painful and yet, when I practice uncertainty and am willing to be wrong I find the Divine shows up, relationships are healed, new opportunities appear and life gets bigger. I have heard the struggle of many "How could I have missed this?" Or "how could I have been so wrong?" And there can be a stuck-ness in this because of the assumption that being wrong is a personal failing. As opposed to asking the questions to work toward growth and self examination.  

I'm not saying one should throw certainty out the window. No one would be able to function without some certainties. It's more a practice of holding certainty lightly. I find this practice leads to gratitude. I know the sun rises every morning and as certain as I am I also know that I could be wrong which makes me grateful it does!   

This week, reflect on how much room is there for God to move while practicing getting comfortable with all the wrongness in life. Or practicing calling Mystery into those places of your ‘rightness’ and see what you notice.

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