40 Days of Noticing - Week One

by Amanda Petersen


I am so excited to be joining you in these 40 days of noticing. This will be a simple practice. Each week I will send you an area to notice with some questions to ponder and an invitation to share your noticing on the blog, Facebook, Google+ or Linked In. If you choose not to share that is perfect also.

This week we are starting outside of ourselves with nature. Make a commitment to notice nature. Take time out of your day to just stop and notice the natural world that surrounds you. It may be a simple as watching an ant or bug walk along it's path, or picking up a rock, holding it for the day and then putting it back where you found it. Maybe you pass a tree every day; take time to stop and touch it, notice it. You may try something different every day or choose one for the week. You may let nature surprise you on what to notice.

As you contemplate nature:
How does it inform you about God/Divine?
What is it inviting you to?
Are you being asked to let something go or take something on?
What surprises you?
Is there a confirmation about your life in looking at nature?
What does this say about your walk with God/Divine?