An Invitation to Dance!

by Amanda Petersen

Once again a beautiful Holy weekend happens. People celebrate in a variety of ways and then.... back to life as normal. Does anyone else feel a bit off after a Holy time whether it's Passover or Easter or whatever is sacred to you? Maybe as I get older I don't shift gears quite so easily. Or maybe the Holy has more meaning to me now and isn't just a busy time to get through. I don't want to rush into it or rush out of it.

What is the contemplative way to move through sacred seasons? The gift is to heighten awareness so I will keep this sense of the sacred with me every day. As much as I try to practice that I sense there is even more to sit with than that. What if the invitation is to just let it be? Savor the Holy and, if we are honest, the crazy of a sacred season. That the Holy is not something to be tamed into a pretty day or hymns or ritual. The Holy is in the awareness that as imperfect as life can be, God is in it and doing a Divine Dance that, if I paid attention, would blow my mind.

I am invited into that Dance with the people I love or who annoy or frighten me. A Dance in the overwhelmed and the accomplishments. It's a Dance to help me look up and out and see that this experience of life is amazing. What if resting in the special days is a reminder that this Dance has been going on for centuries? There is no end to this Dance. Maybe the gift of a Holy season is that for that season I know the steps because I dance them year after year. I get to relax into the Dance and not struggle with who is leading or practice another new step. I relax into my Divine Partner and allow myself to be whirled into tradition for a time, reacquainting myself with my partner so that now, as I move on, I am more in step with my Dance Partner than the circumstances—which is so needed because some days the dance is easy and joyous and other days I can look at the world and not want to dance at all.

How are you being invited to contemplate Holy seasons? If you are having trouble getting into the Divine Dance I highly recommend the offerings at Pathways of Grace. Come join us!