Something Special

by Amanda Petersen

Something special is happening at Pathways of Grace! I want to celebrate the wonderful people who share this space. On April 29th we had the sampler day and I am still grinning at what happened. In addition to their amazing healing gifts, their combined energy and respect for each other created something larger than all of us. Their showing up with their individual gifts and passion created a space where everyone feels welcome and safe to experience a shift in their lives and souls. Even more than that is the connection, respect and support they had for each other.

When I felt the Divine nudge to go off the beaten path and create a spiritual direction practice and to entertain the dream of a space where others could also offer gifts of healing, it felt like a solo journey. I was taking a risk, I was building my practice, I was creating space. Yet as much as it felt like a solo project I was surrounded by listening ears and support when I needed it. As the journey has continued this individual call has morphed into something that is hard to describe. This has become an entirely new entity. I watch people supporting each other, creating connections and experiences I could have never dreamed up. Ending the sampler day sitting around a beautifully cooked meal outside, having deep conversations with many people who had never met before that day was a God among us experience.

This is a piece that can be forgotten when standing on the edge of a calling or transition to follow Spirit into the unknown. It feels so personal yet in reality it never is. What is created by the individual action transforms into something that is all about human connection. The mystery of the one becoming many.

I am so honored to be a part of God's creative energy that is so much more than I could have imagined on my own. Sadly, I am still growing in the area of taking pictures so here are some I remembered to take! I invite you to check out the opportunities at Pathways of Grace and experience the Divine in action.