It's Time to Get the Ball Rolling!

by Amanda Petersen

Have you ever had a time when you felt stuck? Often it is not noticed until something brings it to one's attention. Then it feels like dragging a heavy ball while being stuck in the mud. Life seems to have lost its momentum. Just a big heavy weight that knows it needs to move and is just sitting there.

When momentum is lost it can feel like all is lost. Yet that is not true. This is an invitation to get the ball rolling again just like the very first time. Creating momentum again means letting people know about being stuck, having some accountability and knowing this ball is not going anywhere without reaching out to others. Ever have a car stuck in the mud? It takes a lot of people willing to get in the mess with you to get it out. Remember the feeling of gratitude that follows?  

Getting unstuck is a process of re-establishing routines without shame. In fact, it's actually a time to give oneself a pat on the back instead.  "Look, you walked the dog this morning and didn't feel rushed for time! Woo Hoo!" It's a time to go back to basics - who were the authors that create inspiration? It's time to pull those books out and start reading again. This is also a time to shed some old things, re-evaluate and maybe start some new practices. Momentum comes by reaching out, looking for and relying on the Divine Presence to guide and encourage. Yes, getting stuck isn't the end of the world, in fact it's a wonderful humbling gift if one is willing to let it be.  

Just thinking about life and momentum calls that energy to start moving even if it's ever so slightly.  Woo Hoo!!

Practice:  What is your back to basics plan when you feel stuck?  Having one is as important as having an escape route in case of a stuck in the mud moment.