Inside Out

by Amanda Petersen

I am a big fan of living life from the inside out. Letting the core of one's soul or the spark of the Divine be the guide in everyday life. Yet as I thought about many of the homes I have been in as pastor and hospice chaplain what I noticed is often people who have had deep, meaningful inner transformation have homes that do not reflect who they are. Or they have or are doing the deep work after a transition like the death of a loved one or divorce or recovery from addiction yet their home reflects who they were, not who they are becoming.

I have had this happen to me. It wasn't until someone pointed it out that I even noticed.  One of the comments was "You have such a bright caring personality I was surprised when I was in your home.  It didn't match you at all."  I have shared before the challenges to inner transformation and want to say that outer transformation can have its challenges also.  I am personally trying some new ways of dressing and to be honest it feels weird and at the same time I know it is part of my living the inner life by being willing to change what is around me, including my idea of "what's me" to the outside world.

There is a level of claiming that happens by playing with one's surrounding. Now the private inner transformation is out in the world. Often because this is an area that may have never been traveled before it's hard to even know where to begin.

For this reason I have recently begun taking training to become a Feng Shui practitioner through the Western School of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an intentional practice of claiming and balancing all the areas of one's life through one's surrounding. It heightens the awareness of 9 different aspects of life and allows the individual to participate more fully by having what is around them reflect their intentions for those areas. There comes a point when our private inner journeys are asked to be seen in the world. This is not done for some ego belonging reason. Instead it is part of the powerful inner transformation to visibly live out one's walk with their soul and deep inner relationship with God. This becomes a way of claiming in community what is leading the movement of life.

I am excited to add this to my practice as an extension of inner growth and spiritual grounding.  If you would like to more please let me know.

This week at Pathways of Grace, Gina is starting a very special group around grief. If you are wanting to share where you are in grieving any loss and find practices that will help you keep walking through that transition I highly recommend this series.

What are some ways you have changed your outside to reflect your inside?