We're Expanding

by Amanda Petersen

I am writing this at sunrise, sitting in a rocking chair on a porch in the woods listening to the birds waking up and the fish jumping in the river. I have to smile at the thought that by writing this here I am feeling all of you with me (and that is a good thing!). This is also my vacation time so I am going to make this very short and simple.

Pathways of Grace will be moving to a wonderful new home in August. The new location is a converted home with its own parking. The address is 1428 E. Northern. We are just two miles from our current location and still right next to the 51. 

For those who sign up for summer series you will be the first to use that new space! This is an exciting and expanding time for us and I am grateful you are all a part of this process. Speaking of summer series many of the them begin this week. Summer is a great time to deepen your practice and connect with others. Are you grieving a loss of any kind and looking for a safe place to process that? Then Gina is a great companion. Are you looking to claim your inner Wild Woman and feel a deeper connection to your life? Tarrin is the perfect guide.  Are you yearning for a staycation for your soul?  Some moments of quiet and peace?  Then Rhonda and Sandy will welcome you. Would you like to practice mindfulness in your everyday life?  Deanne has great ideas for you.  Are you looking for a place to enjoy deep conversation in a real and relaxed way?  Dinner and conversation has a space at the table for you.  Are you a woman looking for a safe simple prayer experience?  Kate is the most gracious of hosts.  Come expand with us!!

And thanks for sharing this porch time with me!