The Altar of the Heart

by Amanda Petersen.

First, Miss Grace thanks you for all the encouraging words after her tour of the new space! When entering a new space it is important to welcome each part of it. Exploring, listening and living into how its stories meet our own. With the new space, I am using Feng Shui as a tool to do this.

One of the gifts of practicing Feng Shui is seeing the inner and outer connections come together. I have witnessed some amazing transformations happen as people claim their deeper selves through their space. The interesting part is how surprising and, in some cases, how gently the intentions come to life. Someone may focus on health or career or relationships and think they know what direction they will go, and then something very Quiet and Loving will show up and it is always bigger than they could have imagined.

I value my clients’ privacy so I’ll give an example in my own life. I recently turned the abundance area of my home into my meditation/guest room. I added touches of my inner journey to the room along with symbols of abundance, peace and joy. By combining my inner life with my outer life the room has a wonderful Presence to it. I have placed objects on my altar that are steeped in the Divine and symbolize abundant grace. I expected this combination would enrich my personal spiritual practices, yet what I didn’t count on was the effect it had on my granddaughter. It is her favorite room in the house. In fact, we grown ups are not allowed in as she sings and plays in there!

The other morning as I sat down to meditate I was looking at the objects on my altar and there I was surprised and overjoyed to see evidence of my granddaughter.  A sea shell and a tiny tea cup.  Having pretend-tea is our favorite game. What a perfect symbol of her abundant love.  This was a great reminder that my well-thought-out items are great, yet if I am truly open to the abundance of God then this altar is not truly mine to arrange. I am invited to be open to the many ways Love’s abundance shows up.

This week pay attention to the ways abundance shows up.  How is your “altar of the heart”?
Is it set with only certain objects, or are you open to new objects and experiences to be placed within your heart? Feel free to share what you notice.