A Time For Reflection

by Amanda Petersen

This past week I have been putting several things into place for the new space. Whether moving a business or moving a home the act of preparing makes it a reflecting time. Moving is a transition. It is a liminal space between the known (what was) and the unknown (what will be). If into a bigger space, there is reflection on expansion. If into a smaller space, there is reflection on letting go. It is as though the memories of the past come flooding in while looking at what is staying and what is going and why. Every mark on the wall tells a story. There can be sadness and excitement all at the same time.

As I am picking floors and paint colors and renting the U-Haul, my reflections go to the gift of all of you. As I look at both the current space and the new space I see your faces, and when I first met you, and the journeys and transitions you have been on over the past decade. I also imagine the faces I will meet as this journey continues on. With that in mind I would love to hear your stories of Pathways of Grace. Please share how you found us, what has been meaningful for you. Let’s gather and be empowered by these stories as Pathways of Grace moves into a new chapter where these stories will expand along with the space.

For those wondering, we will be in the new space as of August 1st, a free-standing home with its own parking at 1428 E. Northern Ave.

I look forward to hearing your stories!

With Deep Gratitude,