By:  Michelle Jereb
Reiki Master

Reiki --- What is it? Reiki (Universal Life Energy) is a term derived from two Japanese symbols: “Rei” (Ray) – source of this energy and “Ki” (Key) – this energy’s movement within and around us. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that can facilitate healing of the mind, body and spirit.




A Spiritual Healing Art

A Religion. There is no dogma attached to Reiki. Whatever your spiritual path/religion you can give/receive Reiki.

Energy Work

Massage Therapy. You "may" feel like you just got a massage after Reiki because it is so relaxing.

A Complementary Medicine

A Substitute for Medical Care.

  • Reiki, in its purest form, is an uncomplicated system of healing.
  • You do not have to believe in Reiki for it to work.
  • The Reiki practitioner CANNOT claim or take responsibility for healing or non-healing when Reiki is given.
  • NOBODY knows how Reiki works, it just does.
  • Reiki is the practice of conducting the Universal Life Force (Universal Love) to another person with the intention of bringing love and healing to that person for their highest good.
  • Reiki can be given with touch or NO touch.  Either way the person will receive the benefit of the Reiki energy.
  • A “typical” Reiki session takes about 45 minutes to one hour to complete.  During that time the Reiki practitioner will perform certain hand placements on or over the client’s body -  starting at the client’s head and moving towards the client’s feet and back again, ending the session at the client’s head.
  • During Reiki session the client “may” feel warmth in the practitioner’s hands.  Pressure may also be felt.  Neither is an indication of Reiki.  Reiki does what Reiki wants!  The Reiki practitioner has NO control over the heat or pressure in their hands.
  • Strong emotions may be evoked when receiving Reiki energy--- you may feel like crying.
  • You might see colors – have visions --- you may be puzzled by certain memories that come up. These may occur over certain parts of your body.  These are all ways that the Reiki energy is helping to bring healing to you by letting you see where in your body you may be holding on to what is no longer needed or needs to be healed.


If you would like to experience the gift of Reiki, Michelle will be offering Reiki Sample Sessions at Pathways of Grace on Thursdays from 9-4 p.m. during the month of September.  Please check out to schedule a session with her.