How Are Your Dreams Manifesting?

Many of you created vision boards with me at the beginning of the year. We each set goals and chose images to represent those goals.  We then carefully arranged the various visual manifestations of our dreams on our boards and hung them in a place where we could check in every day.

One of my goals this year was to experience an adventure with my family. I wanted to travel to an entirely new place. I chose the image of an Alaskan cruise with a small orca whale fin sticking out. I had never been to Alaska and always wanted to see an orca in the wild. So felt that this image represented my dream adventure well.

I had no idea how this vision was going to manifest, as I did not really have the budget for an Alaskan cruise. However, with this image, I asked the Universe to provide me with an exhilarating, new experience and I was not attached in what form this would come to me.

As the year progressed, we started to talk about vacation possibilities. They morphed from traveling to visit coastal colleges for our daughters’ next steps into exploring the Pacific North West. Our kids had never been there, nor had my husband and I ever been there together.  Further inspired by one of our daughter’s dreams, we decided to take a road trip through Oregon and Washington, including a three-day-stay on Orcas Island.  

The San Juan Islands had always been on my bucket list, and as we were passing through the many islands on the ferry, I was awestruck by the beauty I saw in every direction. And as I observed, I realized the scene before me was almost exactly like the image I had put on my vision board. One of my visions was manifesting right in front of me!

Whenever this realization happens, I feel a shiver throughout my body because I see the Divine at work and I receive yet one more confirmation how wonderfully and collaboratively the law of attraction and process of co-creation work.

A few days later, we ended up booking a whale watching tour. We had been warned, that often people return without seeing any whales. However, as we moved away from shore the captain got word that a group of whales had been sighted. At first, there were just a couple, occasionally breaching to breathe. But as time passed, others joined them from different sides of the straight until we found ourselves amongst a pod of 10 - 15 orcas jumping, spouting and playing close to our boat.

When creating a vision board, I always emphasize the importance of being clear on what you want to feel when your visions manifest. I remember that I wanted to feel exhilarated and adventuresome, as well as the joy of sharing this experience with my family.  

I received all of that - and more!

The stay on Orcas Island felt absolutely blessed. From the cool weather, the peaceful blues and greens of the landscape surrounding us, to the animated family dinner conversations often missing from day-to-day life, this trip was absolutely soul-satisfying.   

So, if you made a vision board this year, now may be the time to re-visit it and see which of your visions have manifested so far.  If you stuck it into a corner, and those dreams haven’t yet become real dust it off, put it in a more prominent place where you can connect with it daily and allow the law of attraction to perform its magic.  There are still several months left in this year. Remember: we are all powerful co-creators and the Universe is ready to help our visions become our lives.

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-Selina Schuh