Talking to Walter

It has been a week of contrasts.  The pain and anger surrounding events in Virginia and Spain. Words that highlight how division is present.  And then on Monday the solar eclipse.  A phenomenon that brings all of humanity together.  As I witness this I see the differences between focusing on the big picture and focusing on the smaller picture.  I’m reminded how important the spiritual practice of tapping into bigness is.

When spiritually one is looking through the lens of a smaller picture the person will know because it produces emotions and thoughts of jealously, greed and bigotry, to name a few, and the emphasis is on separation.  I’m not you.  Then when spiritually one focuses on the big picture the person will know because it produces love, grace, mercy and justice to name a few and the emphasis is on connection.  There is no you.

The little things want our attention daily and they are seductive.  I recently saw the movie “The Dark Tower” and there is a dark character that whispers not enough into the characters to cause harm.   This character is the voice of smallness.  I would like to let you know that voice now has a name, in the movie his name was Walter.  When the small thoughts come and cause isolation, separation and otherness a potential practice would be to tell Walter to shut up.  It’s funny and yet it’s not!  There is something about the practice of objectifying smallness and choosing to call it out.  That is an important spiritual practice because once it’s not personal one can tap into the bigness of truth.

There is so much more to this and I am simplifying for the sake of time. I’d love to have a conversation about this. Come to lunch and conversation or dinner and conversation and we can flush this out more. Conversation not for the sake of consensus but as a means of connection is also an important spiritual practice that allows one to tap into the qualities of the bigger picture.  

Given this short blog , the invitation is to practice, noticing which small sighted beliefs or big picture beliefs are capturing our attention.

-Amanda Petersen