Seasoning Space

Ever eat a great soup or chili and just pause at how wonderful it was and then think “what is that taste?” There is some herb or flavor in there that is just a bit different but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Or have you ever tasted a meal and could taste the love and attention that was put into it? (By the way that is our Affiliate Carmella’s specialty, check out the programs she is catering.)

The seasoning of a meal, whether an herb, spice, secret ingredient or emotion, takes a meal to the next level. All of the sudden you are having an experience and the people across the table or in the restaurant are instant friends because you now have this shared experience. 

Did you know the same holds true for space?

I have been witnessing this at Pathways of Grace.  With each wonderful volunteer that has come to help set up, each meditation, prayer, meeting, each talented practitioners and times of fun and laughter, love and intention our space is being seasoned. With each picture and chair, the space is being seasoned. And when people walk in, they feel it. Like the great meal, when someone walks in there is a pause and a “There’s something special about this place.”  They are not quite sure what it is, but they sense it.

As someone who practices Feng Shui I have known that we season a space with our items, our energy and intentions. This type of seasoning makes the difference between just a place to live or perhaps feeling overwhelmed by our homes or office and truly experiencing life through surroundings. If you would like some help looking at your home from a different way, a seasoned way, I would love to offer Feng Shui as a way to do that. Just contact me at for more details.

Everyday one seasons not only their spaces but their lives. Have you ever met that person who makes you pause and say “I want what they’re having?” There is a special seasoning about them that makes you feel connected. The thing with seasonings is it only takes just a little to make a huge impact. With all that is happening in the world, how amazing is it that our little bits of seasoning can make a huge impact and even create a change because we took a moment to add love into the space?

I have a drawer of wonderful smelling spices but was unsure of how to use them. I needed Carmella to come in and show me how best to use them. If you are looking at life and opening the drawer and going “I don’t know where to begin”, the opportunities at Pathways of Grace give you the tools to use the spices and special ingredients within your own soul so you may season your own life and those around you with love and hope and grace. This is the last week of 10% off registration (enter Welcome2017).  

May you be the special ingredient in someone’s life this week!