Let Me Introduce You

This has been an amazing week transitioning from one space to another. I am so honored to say I am not just moving items from one place to another I am moving a community. I am blown away by the amazing community that has become Pathways of Grace.  

I strongly urge you to look up their official bios yet I would like to introduce you to our affiliates in a more personal way.

Headshot - M. Kate Allen.jpg

M. Kate Allen: Thean Koinonia.

Kate brings together women in community, faith and prayer. She has a gift of creating a space to be authentic in one’s faith journey. Her monthly prayer services bring a breath of pause that ripples through the entire month. She amazes me as a mother of young children with a passion to empower the next generation of women.

Kim de Beus: Spiritual Direction, Reiki.

Kim brings a presence of enthusiasm and delight for life. She has the gift of meeting people from a more traditional faith background and loving them as they continue to explore what it means to be a child of God. Kim is expert at this because she is a spiritual explorer willing to expand her soul in order to more fully dwell with the Divine.

Headshot - Carmella Dodge.jpg

Carmella Dodge: Chef.

Carmella is joy personified. Her mission is to bring people together around good food. She has an amazing gift of pouring a lot of love into her food creations and those around her. She is also a NAWBO Sister (National Association of Women Business Owners) and has brought the gift of being gathered to life at Pathways of Grace. If you ever want a meal that is more than a meal, call on Carmella.

Headshot - Michelle Jereb - V2.jpg

Michelle Jereb: Spiritual Direction, Aroma Therapy, Reiki Master.

Michelle has journeyed with Pathways of Grace almost from day 1. She attended my first workshop here in Phoenix and now she is a partner in all we do and a dear sister. She has helped hold the vision of what Pathways of Grace can be. If you love how neat and organized everything is thank Michelle!! Michelle will share her light with you and you’ll discover your own.

Headshot - Gina Pollard - New.jpg

Gina Pollard: Grief Recovery/Life Transition Coach.

I met Gina over 10 years ago and was impressed the moment I met her.  She is God’s own and lives it with authenticity and vulnerability.  She walks her talk. She is a wonderful encourager and truth teller in my life and she will do the same in yours.  

Sara Regester: Stress Mastery Expert and Healing Coach.

Sara is the newest affiliate and another NAWBO sister. She has a gift of exploration. I love the way she thinks about things. She brings a sense of Divine curiosity to those she encounters. If you are ready to open up your life to what is possible, she is a great person to know.

Selina Schuh: Relationship Educator/Author.

Selina brings a quiet and passionate presence. She is a NAWBO Sister and has been an amazing encourager in my journey and a wonderful partner in growing both of our businesses. She is authentic to her own journey and she allows you to be authentic in yours.  

Headshot - Rhonda Vroman.jpeg

Rhonda Vroman: Spiritual Direction/Yoga/Singing Bowls.

Rhonda brings peace and presence and the most amazing eye for detail and getting things done. Rhonda has been a great cheerleader who celebrates the achievements and nudges when I’m shying away from growth. She inspires me with her ability to see beyond the ordinary and she’ll inspire you do the same.

Here is Our Support Staff!

Ernie Gregg: EJG2 Website and MindBody.

Ernie is an artist of the tech world. He walks with integrity and has kept all the behind the scenes pieces moving and functioning while all our offerings continue to expand.  He has the gift of bringing artistry to what is offered. The system we use for registrations is not easy to navigate and he is willing to keep at it and encourage me to do the same. Keeping track of all the moving parts can be like herding chickens and he does it with grace and humor.  

Headshot - Wende Gonzales.jpg

Wende Gonzales: Social Grace Media.

Wende is the creator of our amazing newsletter and handles all the social media.  She lives out of town yet always finds ways to connect and be supportive with the community. She has an amazing intuitive sense plus a sense of humor. She has kept us connected with heart and intention through all of our wonderful expansion.  

Amanda Petersen: Founder

My heart is filled with gratitude to have these people plus so many more as the heart of Pathways of Grace. Thank you to all who have journeyed with us through the years and to those who are just beginning the journey! We grow by word of mouth, so please invite friends to some of the offerings listed and invite them to sign up for the newsletter. I look forward to continuing the journey with you!!