Are You Disaster-Proof?

My heart breaks for all the people who have been affected by the hurricanes and massive water. As much as we like to feel in control of the world Nature can come and remind us life can change in a heartbeat. Or we hear that war could truly be a push of a button away. We get these same reminders when witnessing, death, illness and accidents. The first reaction is often empathy and if there is honesty also a want to run because when life changes drastically for even one person those who witness are faced with the reality that life as they know it could also change in a heart beat.

As contemplatives how does one sit in the reality that life is unpredictable and still live the day to day of life? How does the reality of the messiness of life impact one’s spirit? One’s faith? For contemplatives the unexpected is an opportunity to act on what has been practiced on an ongoing basis. In other words, even though life as one may have known it is now totally different they get to CHOOSE how they want to be in it. They are not victims, but participants in what is happening around them.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the news of disaster? How does a belief in God/Mystery inform that? Do you trust that belief? Is how you are acting congruent with your belief? How would life look if the beliefs were trusted? Is this a time for new beliefs? What stops action on the beliefs? Why is it so easy to get swept up in overwhelm, fear or anger?

Unpredictability and the fragile nature of life is an invitation to sit with the questions. Taking the answers to those questions and choosing who one wants to be regardless of the circumstance and acting upon it. Practice time is over. It’s time to act, to choose, to question.  

I recently found out that once a potential disaster has been announced people are no longer able to purchase insurance to protect themselves. It’s too late. The gift of a contemplative life is that it is never too late. Sometimes it’s in the midst of the disaster one finds what they need to rebuild their spirit.

Pathways of Grace is passionate about providing space and opportunity for those who really want to live a life of choice and freedom regardless of the circumstances. A place to practice and act on an ongoing basis. A safe place to live in the questions so that when the unexpected does happen their soul knows who they are and how to navigate it.  

I have never met a disaster-proof person but I am blessed to be in company of people who sit in the unexpected of life with me. I pray you too have this community around you. If you are looking for it please feel free to contact me, any of our affiliates or attend an event.

If you are looking for a place to act, Pathways of Grace will have a box for donations of peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, rice, beans and pasta which will go to St Mary’s food bank for hurricane relief. Also there will be a box for dry dog and cat food for pet relief.

The more you hear about the devastation may you use as a means of drawing closer, questioning life as you know it and living a life of Love.