Going to the Gym

When the inner life journey gets serious there comes a time where the exterior life needs to change. Now, I am not a gym goer, yet showing up to my inner life makes me feel like a gym goer at times. Any shift takes a commitment. To commit to the gym one commits to getting to the gym and making use of what is offered. This mean that what may have happened in that time will change. It means getting supportive people around you to encourage you to go.  Because for many, getting to the gym is the hardest part, not what happens in the gym.  Commitment to changes one’s patterns, sacrifice time and energy, juggle the rest of life for this commitment is not easy.  

When I am making a commitment to stretch my inner life it is a very similar experience. To be honest there are many other things I would rather do than stretch and grow. The call of comfort is so seductive. Yet I have had enough experience with what happens when I make a commitment to grow that I know the struggle is worth it to get to this amazing life on the other side. To begin this journey, it requires pure self-discipline. What I know about myself is pure self-discipline rarely lasts.  

A must-have for any inner journey is a supportive community. This is worth really taking the time to find the right people to surround yourself with. People who understand the importance of this journey because they are also walking this walk. They may not be doing the same thing but they are also showing up, getting in the car, and going to their own inner gym.

This is important because the world is full of people who are not interested in this inner gym journey. When surrounded by too many people who are not growing, the whisper of comfort gets louder and louder. Then the act of getting in the car and driving to the gym gets harder and harder. Showing up for meditation keeps getting put off for other activities. The list goes on and on. Once this support is found it’s important to discuss why this journey is important at this time. How one plans to show up. The support group/person can then ask questions and offer insights for consideration. From then on, they are the encouragers and witnesses to the amazing journey and all the challenges and joys.   

You are worth showing up for! A closer relationship with God is worth showing up for. Taking a risk and reaching out to others to claim your inner journey will lead you to a life beyond your wildest dreams. If you have any trouble in finding people to encourage feel free to reach out to one of our affiliates.

May your week be filled with just the right support to help you show up at your inner gym.