A Special Invitation

As I meet with people and they ask, “What is Pathways of Grace?” I have to admit I’m stuck for a second because I believe Pathways of Grace offers something so special that saying, “We are a spiritual and personal growth center” doesn’t even touch it.
As I offer you a special invitation to our offerings, I want to share what you are really getting if you say yes. Here are just a few of the amazing opportunities that are offered.

For those who are experiencing fear, doubt, confusion or grief you will experience a safe place to be as you move to a place of deep faith, self-acceptance, purpose and a whole heart.  
For those who want more of life, who are ready to move beyond learning about life, faith and God to living a life that is beyond anything you could imagine, you will meet practitioners who are walking the walk with you.

For those who want to integrate their faith into their lives in a more purposeful way during these times of division and confusion, you will find a community committed to a life of connection to love beyond consensus. The offerings at Pathways of Grace aren’t about getting everyone to agree or have a set dogma. We provide the space to live one’s unique understanding of Love, God, Divine in community. And yes, this is challenging and important work.

For those who feel disconnected to their body or soul, you will find a restful place to reconnect.
For those who are weary of serving and doing, you will find rest and a renewed sense of passion.
For those who experience the disconnect of being on a faith path that those around you may not understand, you will find a place to be who you are and deepen and grow.

It takes a lot of courage to say yes to Life and Change. We honor all who enter as the courageous souls they are. Beyond the offerings are a group of people that are also courageous souls committed to growing themselves and walking the talk. I feel so blessed to be in the company of these gifted practitioners.

If you are ready to truly experience life and faith I invite you to participate in the offerings beginning this September.  If you are curious I highly recommend the Meet and Greets that will be offered as a chance to meet the wonderful practitioners of Pathways of Grace.

Whatever you decide,
May you not just live life but experience life.  
May your walk with God, the divine love continue to stir you to closeness.
And may you have the courage, the passion and the trust to say YES!

Learn more about our Meet and Greet!