Heretics Wanted

When I was first starting out I would have groups meet at my 750 square foot home.  We would sit sometimes knee to knee and share things about our faith journey that we would not tell anyone else for fear of rejection.  Over time my little place was deemed the “the hermitage of heretics.”  It was a safe place for people not only to explore who they were in their faith and beliefs but also practice what it was like to express those beliefs and then go and live them out.

Here I am over 10 years later and feeling like it’s time to gather some heretics together.  I am reading reports of high anxiety about the future.  Frustration and anger about issues of power and abuse of power.  Depression and isolation over fear of not fitting in.  We are in need of some heretics.

“Heretic” is a term usually saved for religious settings but I want to broaden it to anyone who sees the cultural status quo and says, “I want to live differently.”  I want to practice unity in the midst of division.  I want to get to know people outside of my comfort zone and practice empathy.  I want to live from the inside out instead of looking to the outside for confirmation of my inside.  I want to practice self-care in a world that encourages me to go until I can’t go any more.  I want to live my passion not for the goal but as a response to the gift of life.  I want to live life from a perspective of enough instead of focusing on what’s missing.

Are you one of these people?  Are you looking to live life from the inside out?  Then I want to connect with you.  One thing I know about living a contemplative and heretic life is I need all the support I can get.  Practicing this type of life isn’t dabbled in or theorized about, it is an I’m in, even if I’m not sure what that means type of living.  It is a daily showing up to the practice of being a heretic.  Because once one claims themselves as a heretic, it is out there. There is no half way.

Come learn more about what we are doing at Pathways of Grace, because we are a place for those heretics ready to live life guided by a Higher Power.

Every offering is here to support you in your heretic journey.  Every person is here to encourage each unique journey.  For the month January, I will be having lunch and conversation every Tuesday and 12p.  Bring your lunch and let’s sit and talk heresy.

PS if you are a Practitioner (solopreneur) and are looking for a community of heretics ready to support each other in their journeys, please check out our practitioner offerings or see me about using Pathways of Grace as a place to grow your practice.

-Amanda Petersen