Painful Practices

This week has been painful for our nation and for individual lives. I have encountered and sat with people who are feeling angry, overwhelmed, sad and despondent just to name a few emotions. It feels like an open wound that will not heal.

Pain hits a spot deep within us and there is no getting around that place that touches the dark within us all. I witnessed a lot of fumbling around in the dark this week. When there is pain we want resolution, answers that make sense and the plan that will right our world. This is true whether the pain is physical, mental or political. Yet, there is no rushing a healing process either. It takes as long as it takes and sometimes things just don’t heal.

People sometimes ask me what do I get out of having spiritual practice? Why meditate or look at life from a contemplative place? Part of the answer is to learn to sit in pain. To learn how to get comfortable with the dark. To realize that sometimes the pain is the place I am supposed to go because that is part of this life I’ve been given.

I have no answers for the very large question around pain. What I do know for myself it is a call to connect not divide. It is a call to hold the pain together, to call it out into the light of our shared existence. It is a time to sit together and just be long enough to hear Love’s voice say, “and even in this I AM here”. Love is no stranger to pain. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed by the pain around or within you let someone know who is no stranger to painful places and let Love’s voice enter in.

We are here for you.