by Kim de Beus


Impatiently waiting for transformation

Occur, occur and hurry please

Then it appears, Trust in the Slow Work of God

Brilliant Pierre


Yes, the answer always simpler

Than naivety expects

Accept the anxiety, bathe in the suspense

Comprehend the incomplete


No longer eclipsed

Devastating invitation from the abyss

A momentary hiding

Must the unknown blackness always beckon?


Dance partner waiting, patiently, lovingly

With outstretched hand

Fingers slowly reaching

Vibrating rhythm captures heart then feet


Look in the mirror, what do you see?


Why do you see nothing?

Because there is nothing to see


Look deep(er) in the mirror, now what do you see?

I feel something

What is this something you feel?

The ground beneath my (dancing) feet


The other is not who I am? 

But all these years…..

It’s permissible to reach inside

And feel, and act….myself?


Liberation with sadness, happiness with volatility

Peace with anxiety

Welcome, welcome, welcome

Come emotions and let’s commune


Learn to trust, Mystery is at work

Honor the work, Mystery is trustworthy

Welcome, let go, welcome, let go.….breathe

Trust in the Slow Work of God

 -Kim de Beus