How to Avoid Emergency Self Care

When the topic of selfcare comes up often it refers to things like rest, eating in a way that supports one body or taking a vacation. And those are awesome ways of taking care of yourself. Yet I have witnessed that selfcare can be activated only in emergency situations, such as illness, burnout, or depression. There is another side to selfcare.

Selfcare is tied to love of self and others. When Love gets lost in all the fullness of life then selfcare becomes a priority. It is a spiritual practice of noticing yourself in your life. Sometimes that means things like

  • Pampering yourself to remember you are a priority. If you are a giver and never return the favor to yourself it can become easy to forget why you give in the first place. Doing something small like taking a nap or buying yourself some flowers can remind you how important the gift of kindness can be.

  • Saying no even if it will disappoint someone else because claiming what you need to do will benefit more people. If you are exhausted and you committed to something that you have no energy for and the result of cancelling means you avoid becoming resentful or crabby or sick then that no is important.

  • Being willing to sacrifice convenience for Love. This falls into the “I can do it myself” category. Like teaching a child to cook. That can get put off because it is messy and slow when someone is learning it’s easier to just get it done. We do this to ourselves when we don’t take the time to really look at our lives and why we do what we do. It’s just easier to let the calendar fill up or allow others to determine our lives.

  • Being honest about frustrations or challenges in life with another person. Sharing what is going on your life with another heightens self-awareness and opens the door to participating in life in a more loving way. This could be sharing how late night snacking is causing insomnia yet it’s hard to stop or how being unconscious about money is creating stress. In the act of sharing your loving yourself enough to recognize it.

What are some selfcare practices you have tried that have worked? When selfcare becomes a regular spiritual practice instead of an emergency last ditch effort, I find it creates space for Spirit to enter in in ways that allow me to Love in deeper ways.

May you be a priority this week.