Small Noticing Can Make A BIG Impact

Sometimes the thought of an aware life can feel overwhelming.  There is so much to be aware of! Where do you even start? Yet if the aware life is more about practice than mastery finding small ways to be aware of one area of life can aid into becoming aware of all of life.  Little noticings done with intention can have a big impact. Here is a 6 week practice to help heighten your awareness.

As you practice your awareness in each of these small ways ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does it inform you about Spirit/Divine?

  • Is there a sense of invitation there?

  • Are you being asked to let something go or take something on?

  • What surprises you?

  • Is there a confirmation about your life in this awareness?

  • What does this say about your walk with Spirit/Divine?


Week One: Nature

Make a commitment to notice nature. Take time out of your day to just stop and notice the natural world that surrounds you. It may be a simple as watching an ant or bug walk along it's path, or picking up a rock, holding it for the day and then putting it back where you found it. Maybe you pass a tree every day; take time to stop and touch it, notice it. You may try something different every day or choose one for the week. You may let nature surprise you on what to notice. Go through the questions above and see what you notice.


Week 2: People

Take time to pause and really look at those around you.  Notice the details. How they smile, the color of their eyes, etc.  What's important to them? How are they engaging life? Sit somewhere and just people watch. Which question above would you like to answer?


Week 3: Space

Spend some time in spaces you are in on a regular basis.  Find a place to sit or stand in order to stop and notice the space with fresh eyes.  What are you being invited to see in this familiar space? Now go someplace you avoid or wish you had more time to spend there.  Sit or stand and engage the questions above.


Week 4: Time

Spend some time noticing your relationship with it.  Is it flying by or creeping along? Practice have a space where your are timeless?  What does that mean? Don't wear a watch if you regularly wear one or wear a watch if you don't.  Notice how you "spend" your time and language around time.  Answer the questions above in regards to time.


Week 5: Silence

Spend some time in silence.  Notice the pauses in conversations and life.   Practice having times of silence in your day? What if any challenges come up?   Pause in conversations where you would normally jump right in.  Notice what happens when you have silence in your life. Which questions above speaks to you?


Week 6: Love

Spend some time with the idea of Divine/Spiritually Love. Notice the Love in conversations, nature, time, silence and people. Practice having times of giving and receiving Love in your day. What if any challenges come up? Practice letting Love be, not striving for it. Notice what happens when you have Love in your life.  How does this impact how you answer these questions?

Now look back over your answers from all 6 weeks.  How have these little noticings impacted your life?