Do you need a kick in the pants?

Motivation is a huge spiritual practice.  You know you need to meditate but don’t.  Every day I walk by my exercise equipment I think I need to get up a few minutes earlier and use that.  You know you need to get your finances in order but you choose something else instead.

I know many people who KNOW what they need to do and yet they never do it.  Often it feels like you need someone to give you a good kick in the pants to get started.  When I hear people say they need to be tough on themselves or wish someone else would make them do it, my heart melts a bit.  First because they are a mirror of myself and second because they are being so hard on themselves.

My saying is “when you need a good kick in the pants, it usually means you need to give yourself a hug.”  One of the reasons you don’t do that thing you KNOW you should is because you are not a priority.  Other things have taken over making what is best for you and ultimately best for those around you.  Here are 3 things that could be getting in your way of taking care of yourself.  All of these are without judgement.  They aren’t bad things they just are.

1. Others: Everyone and everything around you becomes more important than you are.  You sit down to meditate and you see the laundry needs folding or the phone rings.  You choose those over a few moments of presence and love.  Pay attention to how you put off what you know is good for you for the sake of another or external circumstances. I am not saying you need to ignore the needs of others!  I’m saying when you disappear who is being present to them?  When you do what you KNOW, your presence to others will actually be so much more loving and affective.

2. Habit:  You have fallen into a habit or a routine.  Breaking a habit is not easy.  If you want to learn more about habits, I highly recommend the book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.

3. Fear:  As beings we love to do anything other than what makes us afraid.  If you did what you KNOW you need to do to be fully yourself, what would need to change?  It’s easier to stay in your routine than go through the upheaval of change.  Also, what would you need to face?  Maybe your finances are a disaster and you know the steps to cleaning it up will be challenging.  Filling your time with other things becomes so much easier.

What if you were the priority? If you really knew what an amazing being of Love you are you will see you don’t need a kick in the pants, you need to sit down and hug yourself to remind yourself that you are worth the 20 minutes of silence, that your habits are leading you further from yourself and Love rather than closer, that facing reality is the only way to live out that you are loved in in the current circumstances.

If you KNOW what you need to do but are resisting it, sit down and give yourself a hug.  Stay there long enough to see you are worth showing up to you.  As always, you don’t do this journey alone.  Learning to put yourself and Love first in order to give even more love is challenging.  Having others hug and support you and sometimes give you a kick in the pants (with your permission) is very important.  As always please check out the practitioners at Pathways of Grace, better yet set up an appointment.  You are worth it!!