Circumstantial Abundance

This time of year just overflows with circumstantial abundance. This abundance takes so many forms. You might have an abundance of:

Family or gatherings,



Credit card debt



Spiritual opportunities


And on and on it goes.

If you are forgetting to pay attention to this abundance, it may lead to an unconscious just one more thing mentality. One more gathering, one more cookie, one more thing to be guilty about, etc. Something gets switched and like a strong wind blowing you around, abundance is now dictating how you are in the world and creates a feeling of too-muchness. Because it feels so strong, it’s easy to get swept up in it.

The gift of all this opportunity of abundance is it causes you to practice how you want to be when there is just more of everything. How does abundance affect your decisions? Is this is an abundance of something you want or an abundance of something you don’t want?

We often hear people say they want abundance in their life, yet when it happens, rather than being something that is celebrated, it can feel overwhelming. The abundance feels like a gift you may want to return. Learning to get comfortable in abundance is a spiritual practice. Rather than being a gale force wind, when it is a practice it becomes more like a deep, deep breath, allowing the fullness of so much to enter our being.

Rather than letting the too-muchness dictate how you move in the world as you read that invitation, board a crowded plane, feel the grief of missing those you love, etc., try these four steps:

1.     Get quiet and take a deep breath.

2.     Imagine what ever is feeling overwhelming filling your lungs.

3.     As you breath out imagine that feeling mixing with Love.

4.     Take 4 deep breaths like that.

Now look at what next steps in your abundant life might look like!

If you would like to practice this with others I recommend Rhonda’s upcoming class, title simply, Be.