Are You Resisting?

Are You Resisting?

The thought of being compassionate can bring exhaustion instead of love. Does that ever happen to you? Whether that is towards yourself or towards others - you think of adding a spiritual practice, focusing on Spirit or acting compassionately to others in some way and the reaction is resistance?

The gift of doing an inside out life is the opportunity to process this resistance. I realized that my resistance had to do with a belief of not enough. I would hear the word ‘compassion’ and went to a place of, “I am not doing enough” or “I don’t have enough inside me to come up with the energy for one more thing”. This can happen so easily in the spiritual walk. Words like ‘compassion, prayer, giving or justice’ can have a motivation of striving instead of a gratitude response. This striving creates a force that can lead to shame, guilt and external validation.

It’s An Invitation

Resistance is an invitation to reflect and remember that gratitude is the motivation for compassion. Gratitude and compassion are a response to love. The love comes your way first. If you are resistant to an act of kindness that may be a sign that you are not acting kind towards yourself. Your life may have become about ‘doing’ and this is the first step toward burnout.

How can you focus on self-compassion when there is so much need out there? The truth is your compassion for others flows when you begin with allowing compassion to shine on you first. This creates a heart of gratitude. If you skip compassion and gratitude, then what you are giving may instead be obligation and resentment fueled from exhaustion or guilt (or the expectations of others). Starting with gratitude for love also frees you up to be compassionate according to Spirit's leading and not others. It allows you to listen to the still small voice inside to be generous with a grateful heart.

If you are resisting a spiritual practice of compassion, I invite you to ask yourself what your motivation is and how drawing closer to gratitude for love plays into that. When have you received compassion? Compassion is not a demand but a grateful response to love.


Spend 20 minutes in quiet reflection allowing love to flow over you. Are you resistant? Listen to the resistance. Where is gratitude in the resistance of self-compassion? At the end of the 20 minutes, ask to be shown how you could be compassion to others today.

Love & Light,