Yes, Push the Escape Button!

How often have you wished you could escape to a monastery and find peace? Or run away to a hill top, the beach or some other destination just to escape the busyness and constant going of your life? If you said yes to this, then it is a call for some alone time as a spiritual and self-care practice.

Many of you know I am passionate about learning how to deeply listen to each other. I am also a huge fan and practitioner of getting quiet internally through meditation. Yet I haven’t shared much about another type of quiet. I call it the quiet of self-reflection and self-care.

How often do you go off intentionally just to reflect, clear out the cobwebs, evaluate your values and just dream? We often go on retreats to do this which is wonderful yet there is a focused component to a retreat. What I am talking about is a good chunk of time alone, in quiet with yourself. I would like to invite you to make time where you are unavailable to the rest of the world a regular part of your life. This is often a “luxury” we can’t afford. Or is it? How is not taking this time working for you? If you are wishing you could run away from the world, I might guess not affording yourself this luxury could be causing problems.

Think about what the blocks are to having some regular stretches of quiet reflection (1 hour to 2 days or more). Write them down. Ask yourself would any of those blocks actually be better if you took time away? Think about it. How do you really know what is important in your life if you never take time to get quiet and really think about it? How do you know what direction to go next if you never take the space to look at the map of your life? What is really in control of your life if you feel you uncomfortable being unavailable? What possibilities in life might be missed because there wasn’t enough dreaming or exploring time?

We live in a culture that rewards us for the next thing. We actually get a chemical rush every time we jump to the next thing. I know this is a struggle in my contemplative path. I love being there for others, I love what I do in life yet what I love can turn into something that isn’t a choice anymore if I can’t say it’s time to stop. I am making this a regular part of my week. Giving myself 3 hours a week just to reflect, dream and evaluate. This is not down time, or brain vegetation time or work time, this is my I’m unavailable to the world time to be available to myself and my relationship with God/Divine. A side benefit has been my meditation time flows much easier. My mind get quiet and stays there because I have other times to process all that is going on.

Try it this week and let me know what it was like. I am looking at creating spaces of quiet at Pathways of Grace just for this purpose. Let me know if you’d be interested!

May you find the blessings of YOU this week.