Let Me Make Myself Perfectly Clear

Over the past two weeks I have asked the question "Who is running your life?" And given an escape button.  This week I’d like to introduce the practice of clarity.  One of the biggest challenges I have had moving from working as pastor of a church to becoming a business owner is this idea of clarity of vision.

When I had a role – in some ways others saying what I did – it was easy to be clear.  I just went to the job description and then added my own gifts to the list.  Letting that go and starting a business and then expanding a business I now see the importance of not only being clear in who I am but also what I am providing to others.  As the gifted Lain Ehmann stated in our last A Home for Practitioners Gathering, "it’s like you are surrounded by static." A radio station that you can kind of hear but there is a lot of noise around it.  So often the externals in our life can give us clarity, yet from a spiritual perspective, that can only take one so far. 

The byproduct of a static life is feeling disconnected (nothing seems to fit), like something is off (maybe if I try this), isolation (no one gets me) and frustration (why is life so hard).  The way out is a willingness to fine tune the dial.  Realizing that you are the one who is making the decisions, taking time to be available to yourself and God/Divine and then getting clarity.

Clarity can drive a contemplative practice.  It can drive one’s entire life.  Getting clear about how one is knit together and what are the driving forces or values can often be over looked.  I am not talking about purpose, certainty or goals here.  I am lifting up a spiritual practice of Being.  If I am clear that my being is gratitude, healing or generosity, I am going to live life differently.  This affects my purpose and goals as it is the driving force of them.  Having clarity challenges my certainty in that I need to always revisit what I’m clear about with each situation.

As I continue to sort out clarity for my own life and business I am finding clarity is simple in nature.  If it takes too many words or has too many options, I’m not living clarity.  I am also seeing that it starts with me.  If I am clear about my message for myself then it is easier to live out and share with others.  The contemplative practice of asking questions always helps. For those doing the walk of Lent this year, what does internal clarity look like in your relationship to Jesus?  For those with mindful or contemplative practices how does clarity help awareness?  Is the clarity in life internal or external?  How does it show up as you make decisions?

This week notice ways you are living with clarity and whether it is an internal or external clarity.  If you find you need help with this please check out our wonderful practitioners!

-Amanda Petersen