Who is Driving Your Bus?

PoG - Insanity.jpg

This has been the view from my office this week. I have to laugh because the message for me is not subtle! I often use the phrase “who is driving your bus?” when working with clients. It’s amazing how often the keys to our life are handed over to fear, anxiety, negative thoughts, or the inner 5-year-old. And then it’s like being on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Taking a back seat on the insanity bus and wondering why life is so crazy!

Every day this week I have been visually reminded to ask who is driving the bus of my life. I especially love the red Enter sign. Just seeing the sign reminds me that I choose whether to enter the bus or not. Many times, it’s just an unconscious, “Oh it says enter so I must enter,” and off I go again.

The gift of the practices of contemplation, meditation, meeting with a spiritual director and quiet places regularly in one’s life is when one is invited off the bus for a while. There is space to look at all the wonderful and sometimes frustrating or scary parts of one’s self and take back the keys.  Sit up front with God/Divine and co-create the journey of Life. All the other voices can be wonderfully informing or annoying back seat drivers—yet they are not the drivers.

All of this got me thinking, "what would my bus be named?" If the bus of my life were parked outside what would it look like if I had the keys? How about you? What bus are you riding? For those walking the Lenten journey, this is a wonderful question to contemplate. How does your walk with God influence who has the keys and what your Life Bus is all about?

I did look up Insanity AZ and it is an interesting company. More on that next week 🙂