How to Plant a Soul Garden

I am loving this Spring season! My morning walks with Grace are fill with the scents of spring and the amazing temperatures that go with it.  At the center Gina Pollard (Life Transition and Grief coach) planted wild flowers and now she is tending some young sunflowers. It is a joy to sit out on the patio and enjoy the color and the beauty of new life coming through.

There is something intentional about growing a garden. Even if it is a wild flower garden. One intentionally plants a seed in order to get a result. Sometimes what will grow will be a surprise and other times it is an intentional planting for a specific result. Recently I heard the phrase that went something like “that which you bury has a chance to take root.” What seeds are we burying on a day-to-day basis? Seeds of not enough? Or gratitude? Seeds of anger, shame, guilt? Or seeds of grace, choice and love?  

As I watch Gina dig in the dirt to uproot plants that she doesn’t want there and how she preps the soil for what she does want there, I think about how community is our hoe to help expose and unearth some seeds that may have been buried. What a gift sharing one’s thoughts to another is to prep the soul so one is consciously planting seeds that will produce more love and light.

Entering into spring is a good time to reflect on what seeds are being planted in one’s soul. A time to care for our inner gardens and a time to enjoy the buds and blossoms that are sprouting there. I guess part of being a contemplative (or a heretic) is the gift of being a conscious soul gardener. What is sprouting in your life right now?

May you find ways to tend to your own inner garden and may you be open to conversations and community that will help root out within yourself and others those things you do not wish to take root.