Who is Driving Your Bus? Part 2

Buses feel like passive modes of transportation. You get on, someone takes to the next destination. Yet there is a lot that happens on the bus. One agrees to riding with other people. There are unspoken and spoken rules about who can sit where, when to give up one's seat, making eye contact or a conversation with a stranger. I have to say that in my years of being a bus rider 98% of the time everyone was pleasant and gracious to one another. Even if a word was never spoken.

In continuing my contemplation of the Insanity AZ bus outside my office window I looked up what it is about. They drive to certain places and people pay to enter and smash household items. All for the experience of letting go, letting off some steam or just the experience. When I now look at that bus I'm thinking the spiritual bus is really an active place if we let it. Imagine all the characters that live within us are on it. Some are itching to get the keys, others loud, some just sit quietly and hope no one notices. Imagine the characters in your spiritual bus.  

Rather than passively just allowing whatever to happen, image yourself and God/Divine are in charge of the bus. That you interact with everyone on it. What would be the unspoken rules? What if this was a safe place to smash the things that don't work anymore? Or another day the theme is about interacting with peace? Or another day the bus is bringing sustenance to others. What if it was an active, interactive experience? What if one chose to make eye contact with those other interior parts of themselves rather than passively just riding along?

As I look at that black bus I'm also struck by what happens on the inside can be reflected on the outside. This could be an invitation not to judge the exterior of what is seen but realize that there is a lot going on in their bus. Try this unusual practice this week. Look at others and yourself  from this bus metaphor what are you being invited to notice about what is happening on that bus?

We're all just doing the best we can as we drive down this road of life.  Buckle your seat belts—it's quite a ride!