Who Are You Now?

I have had a wonderfully surprising week.  Pathways of Grace is going through a time of evaluating how best to use the space and what looking at what is needed to allow everyone to listen deeply to their lives.  When we teach Deep Listening we always begin with asking everyone to listen to their own lives first.  We truly can’t hear another without first listening to ourselves.

That is what I am doing with Pathways of Grace.  Listening Deeply to the movement of the lives of those who enter here and at the same time listening to my own story of what brought me here.  I have someone helping me with this by listening to my story and then asking wonderful Deep Listening questions.  When I was a pastor in a church setting I would encourage people from time to time to write out their own personal faith journey and beliefs.  It is amazing how life changes yet one never slows down enough to really look at how life changes can affect one’s own beliefs and values.

It’s not uncommon to have a whole new attitude on life yet at the same time be struggling because the new attitude doesn’t fit the values that one has been operating by.  It would be like someone who has always worn high heel shoes taking up running but never changing their shoes.  There is a changed behavior yet not necessarily a changed lifestyle.

To do this, a couple of things are required.  Quiet.   Yes, long periods of just quiet to reflect, notice and listen to the Voice within.  The second thing needed is another listening ear.  I know it seems this could be done alone yet the challenge is our ears are so used to our own story it is hard to notice what is new without the help of another Deep Listener.

Pathways of Grace is filled with wonderful Deep Listeners if you would like to ask yourself “Who am I now?” and integrate all the inner changes with your values and world.  Also, we will be offering some Quiet Spaces for you to reflect (check the calendar in the coming weeks).  Why come to a place like Pathways of Grace to reflect?  Because it’s neutral ground, and in that space one’s mind is freed up from the ordinary–the “normal”–and allows one to easily see that high heels are not for running.  You can also request to use the space for some private quiet time, just let me know.  Think about it, a private retreat ready when you are right here in the city.

May you find ways to question your story this week.
May you notice if your inner and outer life are in harmony.
May you be open to new steps in your dance with the Divine.

-Amanda Petersen