I Don't Do That!

Have you ever said “that’s not my thing” or “I just don’t do that” ? This can be a stumbling block for many who are in transition or who want to grow. Everything is going along, you're learning new skills, being stretched and challenged, and it’s all good. That is part of growth. Then comes something that you aren't familiar with and the invitation is, “NOW DO THIS.”

“Oh no, I don’t do that.”

Let’s say you are an artist and your work is catching on. You are beginning to get noticed, people love your work. You begin to learn about selling your product. You accept the challenge to learn to receive praise. You may begin asking more money for your work. All of these things are part of your growth and you are willing and eager to face each challenge. Then someone says, "Would you come and talk about your art?"

“Oh no, I don’t do public speaking.”

Everything else you are growing with was new. Public speaking is a bad nightmare from grade school and you have taken the identity that you don’t ever do public speaking. Because of this and the refusal there is no growth or transition in that area.

Now, there is no judgement on that. It is just a fact. Often, growth or transition is understood as always learning something new. Some new skill or way of being, yet there is real power in visiting something old in our identity and being willing to loosen the grip and say "well, maybe I do do that. There is huge power in releasing an old story for what is happening in the new one.

Spring is a season of new beginnings and transformation. For Christians, this is the season of Easter. The celebration of transformation. What old story of never are you being asked to reexamine? As you continue to grow in mind, body, and spirit what are you being asked to let go of that maybe you wouldn’t even think to transform? Do you feel you are not enough? What would it look like to say yes to enough? Is your voice not worth hearing? What would it be like to be the one to speak up? Is a loving relationship just not for you? What would it be like to be open to love?  

Spring is an amazing time to look at what you “don’t do” and wonder “what if I did?

-Amanda Petersen